media artes


Sol Andersson

X-Scenen - Media Artes - Italienska Palatset den 29 May 2021 kl. 12:00

- Efter rådande omständigheter kommer vi öppna upp för antalet besökare från exklusiv lyssning för 1 till flera personer…
- Eventet kommer vara öppet under hela dagen.

Sol Andersson is a musician, artist and research student. Her work focuses on listening and includes a number of practices, such as no-input mixing,
feedback,DIY electronics, sound art, guerilla art, and performance. She works mainly with sound from the objects themselves, field recordings, noise, feedback and delay.


When introduced to the analog 4track portable recorder in the early 90s it got possible to explore a world beyond mixtapes.
Coming from a background of choir singing and classical training it was also a great introduction to start using the voice for another purpose than traditional singing.
The techno scene exploded in Sweden around this time and had a huge influence the following years.
As part of music constellations such as Ana International Penetrator, Sowl and Noisebud she was given the opportunity to experiment and mix elements from different electronic music genres. She is a mixture of interests and influences such as art, philosophy and politics.
Today her work is all about listening. Not as an act but as an experience. Hence listening as music.