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Art video screening, internationell videokonst

X-scenen, Italienska Palatset, Växjö den 13 Oktober 2007 kl. 16:00

Art Video Screening är en konstnärlig plattform för visning av videokonst
med nationella och internationella konstnärer. Videofilmer som ger dig en oförglömlig upplevelse.


Homo longisimus dorsi, 5:20 min:sek
Igor Bosnjak, Bosnien och Hercegovina

‘Homo longisimus dorsi’ is about state of being artist in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Artist is poor and he is not useful for government. I am artist. I am not useful in my country. They don’t need me…

Blow up, 3:45 min:sek
Lisa Vinebaum, Storbritannien

Haunted by 9/11 a young woman obessively watches airplanes from her flat on the 25th floor of a housing estate in London’s impoverished Town Hamlets district. She becomes increasingly depressed by her surroundings and her grief. Her despair gives way to rage in the aftermath of the July 7th London bombings, culminating in an extreme act of destruction and despiration. ‘Blow up’ is a story of sadness and rage, of profound cultural and geographical dislocation. It was filmed on a mobile phone in the weeks following the July 2005 terrorist attacks on London, in the filmmaker’s heighborhood of Whitechapel, just minutes away from the Aldgate tube station bombing.

Great attacker, 2:25 min:sek
Tu Pei-Shih, Storbritannien

This work is about menace and fantasy. Nowadays we are living in a dreamlike world. It seems beautiful, comfortable, in great control, but also could be broken very easily at anytime …

Falling down, 0:54 min:sek
Jan Hakon Erichsen, Norge

An ordinary window blind is transformed into a homade guillotine. In this way an angry filmmaker executes innocent pedestrians.

Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto, 7:31 min:sek
Iraida Lombardía, Spanien

In 1982, in Traslaviesca, an isolated house in the Spanish mountains of Asturias, Miguel Angel Lombardía, Margarita Alonso and Iraida Lombardía (who then was 5 years old) became the protagonists of their own existence when they were filmed by a friend of the family, Aquilino Arguelles Aller, who had an incomparable virtuosity and film intuition. The recording was a single tracking-shot of seven minutes, in real time, without cuts, capturing the “paradigm of happiness”.

In 2005, under the force of past time, Iraida Lombardía decided to go back to that home video to transform it. She wanted to turn it into a device that introduces the viewer to the problems of memory and temporal dimension that lead us to the sense of “process" in art and life. By doing this she distorts the “beautiful" memory in order to present it as a hypnotic and disturbing code.

Memory is a remote place, non temporal and intangible; however, we only are what we remember. When we travel to the past the photographic images and the videos which try to capture brief moments of happiness become poor fellows. They are documents of doubtful veracity that help us but at the same time distort the past, contaminating our memories and transforming them into a fiction.

Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto starts from this premise. These appropriated images of the real protagonists past, which have been embalmed for more than two decades in a home video, are again transgressed when they are blurred by a shapeless mass of paint that, like present time does, pours and covers what once could have been.

David’s escorts, 2:59 min:sek
Jonas Nilsson, Sverige

The day has come when internet dating is considered a legitimate way of meeting new people in the endless search for the right person. Chat rooms have replaced bar rooms, and dating sites and personal ads no longer have the "stigma" that they once did.
People really like dating in cyberspace in part because they can do it in the privacy of their homes. A place to meet with blurry lines between reality, fantasy, and wishful thinking.
The anonymity has allowed people to be anyone they think you want them to be because they are engaging you primarily through the written word. The internet dating "scene" is one of the easiest places for someone to cheat on their spouse or significant other, or to use the internet dating area as a place for promiscuity.

The national anthem, 1:02 min:sek
Eunuk Lee, Storbritannien

I am interested in fantasy nationalism. This is the message that emerges from a body action. My videoworks are conduded (concluded) that something more mysterious happening. And bodies may be a popular interest, but until recently there’s been little serious reseach into the origins of this vast activity that dominated the nationalism.

Driven by boredom, 1:30 min:sek
Corrine Bot, Nederländena

In a bathroom, someone is standing in front of a mirror, doing his hair. In the mirror we see an image that doesn?t match the situation: slowly (the reflection of) the person points a gun to his head…

Familiar news, 6:52 min:sek
Katarina Jönsson, Sverige

An animated reflection on the terrifying yet seductive every days news.
The reporter in the TVstudio gets tired and long for home. But the anxeiety ist still there and the flow of news breaks the wall. The framed child moves and suddenly we are in the middle of the terrifying but still astonishing beautiful pictures from war.

The film comments the fact that daily news also works as entertainment. The footage (stillphoto and video) and the sound (music and effects) is also made to be both beautiful and terrifying.

It´s a pictue of the situation where we in wellfare countries gets breaking news from all over the world. War and catastrophes, natural or caused by man. How do we use this knowledge? Do we make any better desicions in our daily life to help those prople or to prevent war? Or do we see the pictures from our comfortable home and say to ourselves OK I´m better of than them? Or do we get a kick out of them? Still there are people and children suffering in the middle of all this business with selling news.

Blow me, 3:20 min:sek
Mariel Rosendahl, Sverige

"No pain, no game."

Making the enemy, 7:24 min:sek
Alexis Oyola, Sverige

During the cold war Swedens enemy no.1 was the former Soviet Union and the communism. Sweden as a neutral nation collaborated with Nato and the swedish people where wiretapped and registered for being pro Soviet or communists. Two swedish journalists discovered the illegal operation called “ IB” (the bureau of information), they printed an artikel in one issue of the “The Peoples front” 1973, for this action they was sent to prison. Hundred of thousand where registered. They where a risk for the security of the nation. My mother and older brother was born in the former Soviet Union. My father was a refugee from the dictatorship of Chile. They were a risk of the nation and were systematic wiretapped and controled by the swedish seacret police SÄPO.

Then the wall fell and the old enemy was no longer a threat, a new one was invented – the global terrorism, synonymous with this Islam and the muslims, everything by the playrules of USA, the making of the enemy.

Loves me, 1:14 min:sek
Alessandra Ausenda, Storbritannien

’Loves me’ was created in response to a commission to make a one-minute silent video exploring what makes us feel hopeful. I filmed the hands of 4 generations in my family and made use of the moving image to raise questions of perception. The videos were shown on customised monitors in shop front windows in Penzance, Cornwall over the Christmas period. I encased a monitor in dough panels and this was on display in a bakery.

Mirror, mirror…, 2:12 min:sek
Eva Olsson, Sverige

Through impossible ideals we are constantly kept occupied, as apathetic standardized dummies.

Lift, 2:55 min:sek
Hyewon Kwon, Storbritannien

In ‘Lift’, the human figure practically presents itself as introverted, the face turned away, shut off from the surrounding world. It is an attempt to find a place, a quest for something ot grasp hold of in a world that elusively speeds onwards, a world that has no time – no time for contemplation, no time for reflection, no time to think about life itself. Though my character is seeking shelter or pretection, it is clear that there is no escape. All that remains is an attempt to retraet into one’s own spirital self, in one’s own thoughts. But even then the world is omnipresent.

Front, 1:59 min:sek
Johanna Reich, Tyskland

A young woman is shooting against the camera.

Eaten, 6:23 min:sek
Anne Haydock, USA

A game of dress-up: windows and wallpaper, hawks and moths, olive loaf and tinfoil. The sounds and gestures of the everyday gather to become the pre-articulated vocabulary of desire, anxiety, and basic needs.
The piece uses rephotography to incorporate elements from a site-specific installation with additional super-8 footage, combining direct animation, timelapse photography, and choreography for the projector with found and foleyed non-sync sound to create a sometimes lyric but often jarring meditation on what it can mean to eat and be eaten.

I want to break free, 1:40 min:sek
Brendan Jamison, Storbritannien

This video explores the theme of constraint. It features a nail trapped inside a plastic display case. The sound of the nail bashing against the plastic suggests an intense energy and determination to break free.

Sunshine in an empty room, 4:06 min:sek
Malin Ståhl, Sverige

’Sunshine in an Empty Room’ is the fourth and last film in the work the three hearts. The film mediates the realization of the impossibility to dictate one’s life story. It employs a language that has the qualities of a fairy-tale, where human and animal characters blend in and out of each other in a world of heightened colour. The merging characters and the use of collage in the sceneries mark an acceptance of the world as an ongoing flux. The voice-over in French, with no translation, points to the acceptance of things that cannot be understood. Through the film the sun is setting, and in the last scene it finally sets in vivid colours, a symbolic marking of a conclusion.